A Guide to Feeding our Future


Want to know where to go for more information? Here are some helpful websites, all with the purpose of helping to build your awareness and guide you down the path towards optimum health.

More About Us
Food & Nutrition
Healthy Living

More About Us

Fork in the Road: www.fork-in-the-road.ca
Hollie’s site for information on her Holistic Health Counselling services.

WingPower Wellness: www.WingPowerWellness.com
Kimberley’s site for information on her Holistic Health Coaching and Personal Training services.

Food & Nutrition

World’s Healthiest Foods: www.whfoods.org
A fantastic site loaded with up-to-date information on nutrition; including recipes, food preparation tips, and the latest research on hot food-related topics (eg. the Soy controversy), which can help you make informed decisions about your diet.

Healthy Living

EMFatik: www.emfatik.ca
Information and solutions for reducing health risks associated with Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) in your home.


Environmental Working Group:  www.ewg.org
An excellent reference for research on everything from harmful toxins in your home, skin care/cosmetics, and baby products, to the truth about our food supply. Particularly noteworthy are their Skin Deep database and the EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides™.

David Suzuki Foundation: www.davidsuzuki.org
News and information on issues in Canada affecting our health, climate, wildlife and all things related. A great resource for making sustainable seafood choices.


Canadian School of Natural Nutrition: www.csnn.ca
Canada’s largest and leading school of natural nutrition, and the certifying institution of the majority of Educated Eater contributors.


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