A Guide to Feeding our Future

Contact Us

Interested in contributing to the Educated Eater?

Please e-mail us your contributions (see How You Can Help), along with your full name, designation(s), city and province, so we can include you on our Contributors page. We also strongly encourage you to send photos with your recipes – by increasing visual appeal, you’re sure to get more people trying and “liking” your recipes!

E-mail is also the best way to contact us should you have inquiries specific to the project’s development and/or suggestions for improvement, or if you want us to make any updates to your contact information or designation (i.e. from Student to RHN).

Please contact us at: educated.eater@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!


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  1. Hello,

    I have stumbled across your eating guide having just registered on the holistic nutrition course by distance learning and I think its a wonderful resource, particularly as we are transitioning to vegetarian with our two young boys. I live in Australia and came across the Canadian school after fruitless searching for the course I wanted to do (in my minds eye!) in Australia. I am looking forward to learning and hope to pass on my knowledge once qualified and maybe I can also contribute towards your recipes; I am full of ideas as food and cooking has long been a passion! Anyway best of luck to you for the future 🙂 Sally

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