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Making 2016 a great year!


Welcome everyone to 2016! We are already half way through our first month, and it’s a great time to stop and reflect upon what we wish to be in this new year.

Still considering resolutions? We would like to inspire all our readers to adopt this manifesto!

If you see things on this manifest that you will need to incorporate differently in your life, why not take it on as a challenge for it to be the ‘one thing per week’ that you will work towards?

We at Educated Eater are changing and adapting with the times as well. We are developing a looser format in what we display and provide. It is a more whimsical experience this way, and one that requires less of our very busy contributors!

Want to contribute as well? We’d be very happy to hear from you and perhaps feature an appropriate recipe or well written article.

Make it a great year everyone!


The Educated Eater is Evolving!

Firstly, a quick reminder of why we started this blog: we know that life gets busy, and that, unless you’re in a classroom studying nutrition, it’s difficult to find the time to educate yourself on what to eat to stay healthy (and also difficult to decipher what information you find is actually accurate when you do seek it out!)

We wanted to make this process a little easier for our followers – by assembling a variety of recipes contributed by Holistic Nutritionists across Canada – so that you can begin eating as though you were educated in nutrition, without having to invest all that time.

Well now we’re taking it a step further – with our Educated Consumer feature. Each month, our leadership team (consisting of myself (Kim), Hollie, and our newest member Suzanne Brett, RHN from Victoria, BC) will recommend one of our respective favourite health food products. This will not only assist you in shopping like an educated consumer, but will also help take some of the guesswork out of which products and brands to choose for best quality, flavour and nutritional benefits.

We will also begin highlighting a new Feature Food each month, which Suzanne will contribute, along with a brief description of the feature food’s health benefits and an accompanying recipe that will allow you to begin incorporating this food into your diet right away.

As always, new recipes  from our contributing nutritionists will be added as we receive them – so please keep them coming and we’ll happily add your name to our Contributors page (reminder to e-mail educated.eater@gmail.com with your contributions).

Happy Spring Everyone!!

The Educated Eater Team

Exciting Leadership Opportunity Now Available!

We’re on a mission!! We’re growing our audience and would love to continue increasing the number of people we can impact through simple healthy recipes, health tips and more!

Not only are we accepting continued contributions from our nutritionist community, but we are also seeking ONE key individual to join our team and help us take our project to the next level.

If you would like to be a key player in this purpose-driven cause and you are:
– educated/certified in nutrition (RHN preferred)
– passionate about food and healthy living
– internet savvy
– extremely organized
– able to commit 2-5 hours/month on forwarding the project

PLEASE APPLY TO: educated.eater@gmail.com

In return for your commitment, you will receive:
– an opportunity for leadership within the Nutritionist community
– the ability to creatively reach out to an established audience
– a full bio and picture on our “About The People” page which will help to build your personal brand and credentials
– added bonus: first dibs on trying out delicious new recipes before they’re published! 🙂

We look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you,
The Educated Eater Team


Today marks the official launch of our Educated Eater blog, a project 3+ years in the making! Thank you for visiting and showing your support for our worthwhile endeavor: to impact the health of our fellow Canadians in the most natural way possible – with food. Yummy, healthy, un-processed “convenience” food.

It’s time to change our definition of convenience. Taking a little time (and I mean only a little – it just takes knowing how, which is what we’re teaching here) to prepare whole, natural, nutrient-dense food is a lot more convenient, in our opinion, than battling heart disease, diabetes, and obesity – all diseases that can be positively impacted by improved nutrition.

But we’re really not here to scold, judge or shame people who don’t eat like an educated nutritionist. We get that there are obstacles; mainly a lack of awareness of what can be done to improve nutrition, as well as the lack of time to research and implement changes. So we’re here to empower you with both. By following our recipes and health tips, you will be able to start eating as though you were educated in the field – without having to take the time to pursue a second education! The criteria of our recipe submissions also ensures that the recipes you find here are easy and quick to prepare.

This site has been designed as a reference for anyone wishing to improve their nutrition and seeking information about how and where to start. You will find a number of recipes for any taste, all which have been contributed by well-educated and certified nutritionists throughout the country (listed on our Contributors page). Contributions will continue to be added on an on-going basis, so be sure to check back regularly for updates including new recipes, health tips, substitution ideas, and inspirational stories about the amazing transformations people have experienced through simple diet and lifestyle changes.

To find out a little more about the founders of the project and what we’re up to, please visit our About the Project and About the People pages. If you’re a nutritionist and want to contribute to this project, please visit our How You Can Help and Contact Us pages.

We look forward to your contributions and feedback as we continue to expand our vision!

Yours in health,

Kimberley Record and Hollie M. Hunt-LastImage