A Guide to Feeding our Future

By: Hollie M. Hunt-Last, D. C’Ed. ROHP/RHN – Moncton, NB


President’s Choice Organic Lentils are a most versatile and healthy choice to have in your cupboard. I love that I can find this organic product in my local Atlantic Superstore (Loblaw’s – in other areas of Canada). The only drawback to these is if you are wheat intolerant, they are manufactured in a large plant and so the disclaimer has to be that they may contain ‘traces’ of wheat. At least the company is honourable enough to mention this possibility. No legumes cook quicker than lentils, taking only 15-20 minutes. The red lentils are wonderful in soups. the whole (not split) green lentil is great for many dishes as filler. I use green lentils mixed in with rice, added to stews, meatloaf, etc. 100grams of lentils will give you 26grams of fibre! I  also will use the whole lentils for sprouting on my window ledge. These become a live, organic, green food that you can produce long before your outdoor garden begins to give you rewards!


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