A Guide to Feeding our Future

By: Hollie M. Hunt-Last, D. C’Ed. ROHP/RHN – Moncton, NB

As mentioned over the last couple of months in this health tip series, most commonly, there are two main ways that food is used regarding emotions : to push emotion down into suppression, or to fill an emotional void with fulfillment. I gave an example of using food for suppression last month. Below are examples of fulfillment:

Examples of using food for fulfillment:

Is it that you are feeling lonely and need nurturing that food seems to provide for you? Does it make you feel warm inside when you turn to food to take away pain? Like grandma’s apple pie? What about “drowning your sorrows” in ice cream? Has there ever been an opportunity presented to you of something you really wanted, yet you stopped yourself from moving forward into something really fulfilling? Then to fill the void, you focused on food more in your life and gained weight after this point? “I am happy and content when I eat” would be this behaviours’ mantra.

We may use the same foods for both the suppression and fulfillment behaviours. Is it always that cut and dry? Hardly. There are even examples of when these two behviours combine! Check in with us again next month to discuss examples of combined motivations and for questions to ask yourself regarding your own motivation for eating!


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