A Guide to Feeding our Future

By: Kimberley Record, Health Coach, RHN – Campbell River, BC


In an ideal world, we would all be making our own granola bars and cereals from sustainably-sourced, organic ingredients – all from scratch, all the time…but that isn’t necessarily a realistic expectation for everyone, especially for busy families!

I love Nature’s Path products for that reason – they’ve done the work for us! They provide a great alternative to standard cereals and bars on the market, containing nothing artificial and using only certified organic and certified non-GMO ingredients.

And they taste great – my daughter loves them, which makes me feel a little better about what my picky eater is putting in her body. With a variety of everything from cold cereals, granola, crispy rice bars, waffles and toaster pastries – they definitely provide healthier options to choose from when your child is asking for sugar-laden brand names on the shelf (also typically full of corn syrup, GMOs, artificial colours and preservatives)!

The added bonus is that Nature’s Path is also an independent, family-owned, sustainable company whose people believe in “leaving the earth a little better than we found it”, which I love to support. So you can buy these products with ease knowing you’re not only choosing healthier options, but you’re also decreasing your footprint on the planet 🙂


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