A Guide to Feeding our Future

By: Hollie M. Hunt-Last, D. C’Ed. ROHP/RHN – Moncton, NB

For all things that we do, there is a reason. Even if habits appear to be self sabotaging, there is a good reason why we started doing them!

There is usually a self preserving or survival reason for all things that we do. Discover what your reason is, in the moment, that you are eating.

Is the reason that you are hungry, and so the body is seeking food to survive?

Is it that you are feeling something unpleasant that your body considers to be a threat, and so you are eating to suppress the feeling? There are many different ways in which this can manifest.

Most commonly, there are two main ways that I have seen food being used regarding emotions :

1) To push emotion down into suppression.

2) To fill an emotional void with fulfillment.

Check in with us next month to learn more about examples concerning these two motivations…


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