A Guide to Feeding our Future

Firstly, a quick reminder of why we started this blog: we know that life gets busy, and that, unless you’re in a classroom studying nutrition, it’s difficult to find the time to educate yourself on what to eat to stay healthy (and also difficult to decipher what information you find is actually accurate when you do seek it out!)

We wanted to make this process a little easier for our followers – by assembling a variety of recipes contributed by Holistic Nutritionists across Canada – so that you can begin eating as though you were educated in nutrition, without having to invest all that time.

Well now we’re taking it a step further – with our Educated Consumer feature. Each month, our leadership team (consisting of myself (Kim), Hollie, and our newest member Suzanne Brett, RHN from Victoria, BC) will recommend one of our respective favourite health food products. This will not only assist you in shopping like an educated consumer, but will also help take some of the guesswork out of which products and brands to choose for best quality, flavour and nutritional benefits.

We will also begin highlighting a new Feature Food each month, which Suzanne will contribute, along with a brief description of the feature food’s health benefits and an accompanying recipe that will allow you to begin incorporating this food into your diet right away.

As always, new recipes  from our contributing nutritionists will be added as we receive them – so please keep them coming and we’ll happily add your name to our Contributors page (reminder to e-mail educated.eater@gmail.com with your contributions).

Happy Spring Everyone!!

The Educated Eater Team


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